I am the invisioner, designer, and creator of this website.  Right now, us is just me, Brian.  I went to school at the Pennsylvania State University where I received a bachelor's in Computer Science (minor in Math).  I graduated in December of 2002, one semester early. I am currently living near Johnstown, PA after spending 9 months in Washington D.C.

Since my family is separated by great distances, we had communication problems between individuals on "who bought who what?".  That provoked me to create this site.  I found that through the initial use of the system in 2001, new features needed to be added.

If you would like to contact us in any way (from feature requests to advertising), see our Contact Us page.  If you have any problems about the speed or performance of the site, see About MyGLO.net and then blame the Penn State network.

Brian M. Long
Owner & Webmaster